Riding my bike in Taiwan from tip to tip-- and back.

Riding through the jungle, getting violated, and then attacked by roaches.

Hitchhiking across a continent.

Thumbing and living in a tent across 6000 km of the most arid parts of the planet.

Monkeys attack!

Climbing a sacred Budhist mountain alone and running into trouble.

Turn my bass down Lao

Riding rough from China to Laos.

Culture shock in Shanghai

Young grasshopper spends his first day abroad in China.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Moving to greener pastures!

I coded myself a new website, hopefully you'll agree it's better. www.RichardDecal.com

I've had an incredible last few months living in NZ. There's so much to say! I've gone from waking up in a tent with my sleeping bag covered in my frosted breath and tent frozen solid to being a resident artist for the Wallace Arts trust with a commissioned sculpture. I'm keeping a journal to make sure I don't forget the details :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Melbourne street art

Richard has been naughty, hasn't he? I currently have 96 published blog posts and 21 draft posts, it's pretty daunting to start to pick up writing again. Not to mention the months of pictures I have yet to upload.

Anyway, here's some pictures I took in the streets of Melbourne, downtown and in the suburbs to keep you satiated.

I often spotted clumps of street art along random segments of the suburb metro lines. I hopped off and explored a few of them and found some neat tags along the businesses.

"DO DRUGS". I'm not sure the artist is convincing me...


Caught in the act.

See the full album here.