Thursday, December 1, 2011

Born to be mild

Yesterday I used some lyrics from Born to be Wild and Fortuna must have heard because she spun her wheel to teach me a lesson. I take it back!

I'm on my overnight sleeper train when I get a call of nature. I go to the bathroom and find out it's time to face the moment I've been dreading.

A squatter toilet inside a closet with piss and shit all over the floor and no toilet paper.

I dig through my bag and grab my toilet paper and trudge back. I squat awkwardly and make it my mission not to fall into the hole. The rickety train is bumping and rocking, and the icy wind is howling in through the window (open due to smell). I get a whole new appreciation of the phrase 'freezing my ass off'. I consider holding it in for the 13 hour ride but Obi Wan's ghost tells me to use the force so I start and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

A train riding the opposite direction on the adjacent tracks roars by and I almost gain a whole new appreciation of the phrase 'shit myself'. But I made it!

Heh heh. Made it...

Go big or go home, I always say.


  1. people have asked me if that poop is mine. I am not the poopitrator! The poop in the hole and the little bits on the floor are not mine.